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How to Become a Yoga Teacher

When the desire hits you to train to be a yoga teacher, the question arises, “How do I choose a yoga school to train with?” Forty years ago it was challenging to find a place to take a training. Today, there are so many schools to choose from that it is mind boggling! Not all yoga schools are alike, and in fact some are downright unskilled and disrespectful. It is therefore important to do some research so you choose the school that is right for you. Most yoga teacher trainings are not only a financial investment – they are an investment in yourself. A great training can be life-changing and incredibly transformative. So be sure you select carefully so you have confidence in your decision.


Why? Understand your motivation to become a yoga teacher.

Where? Do you need to be close to home or can you travel?

When? What is the best time of year to receive your training. Is it an immersion retreat or extended over many weekends?

Who? What teachers inspire you in yoga? What qualities in them do you see in yourself?

How? How do you know which school to choose?

Financials? Do you have the finances in place for this? Is spending this money going to cause you stress?

Depth of Practice? What is the current state of your personal yoga practice? What do you want your personal practice to be? Do you want to become only an asana teacher or do you want to become a Yoga teacher?

For a more in-depth look at each of these questions, visit our blog article on “How to Become a Yoga Teacher

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Online Yoga Teacher Training Programs


SOYA’s Online Training is an excellent choice for those who cannot get away from home but crave to learn and teach the deeper aspects of yoga. The program gives you time to learn more gradually and put the studies into practice before the next session. SOYA’s curriculum will help you to excel at your yoga teaching and your yoga lifestyle. For details and rates please select your yoga training program below. 300 hour modules can be taken in any order.

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