by Valery Petrich

A book review by Mugs McConnell

Have you ever wondered about the history of yoga in Canada? Well, Valery Petrich has too, so much so that she decided to travel across Canada and interview 60 of the earliest known Canadian yoga teachers. Over four years she interviewed them and recorded the stories of their contribution to the rise of yoga in Canada as we see it today. The chapters are broken into sections for Survivors, Searchers, Trailblazers, Swamis, Scholars, and Visionaries.

Valery reveals to us an abundance of information that is exciting and inspiring! There are intimate stories of teachers from all paths of yoga whom have known and loved for so many years – like Sandra Sammartino, Swami Radha, Friedel Khattab and Kareen Zebroff! You will also learn about teachers you have never heard of, weaving together a wonderful tapestry of yoga across our country.

I am incredibly humbled to have our lovely South Okanagan Yoga Academy be included in this historical record of Canadian yoga, especially during SOYA’s 25th Anniversary.


Grab a cup of tea, take a seat, and enjoy the read. You can purchase the book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Friesen Press. ISBN 9-781525-565236