SOYA’s 27th Anniversary Celebration

The History of SOYA Quiz

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1) When did SOYA become a non-profit society?
2) What does the acronym SOYA stand for?
3) Who came up with the name for SOYA?
4) Who was Mug's initial and primary yoga teacher?
5) Who created the Teacher Training program?
6) What year did the first SOYA Teacher Training graduation occur?
7) How many grads were in the first class?
8) Where is SOYA's main building located?
9) In how many countries has SOYA held its Yoga Teacher Training?
10) What year did the SOYA Teacher Training become a registered school with Yoga Alliance?
11) What level of training does SOYA offer?
12) What formats are the SOYA trainings held in?
13) SOYA's Yoga Teacher Training has met the standards for how many Yoga organizations?
14) What year did SOYA change from an Association to an Academy?
15) What year was the first SOYA Annual retreat held?
16) What two locations have been used as venues for the Annual Retreat?
18) How many years has SOYA existed?
19) What is the name of Mug's book?
20) When did Elaine and Becky come on board to help Mugs and Bob ease into retirement?