As we move more deeply into our own home practice, here is a beautiful Sun Salutation that I hope will inspire you to connect to the Source within you while your body flows gracefully. 

Standing in Tadasana, relax into the breath. With every inhalation feel the body fill with light and relaxation. With every exhalation let go of any tension and stress that you are carrying with you. When you have let go of your day to day worries and thoughts, bring your awareness to the heart. Don’t forget that the heart has a front, back and sides. Inhaling and exhaling from the heart, fill the entire heart with prana, as you exhale, make sure all regions of the heart are empty of any stresses that you may be carrying within the heart. Keep breathing this way till you feel the entire heart is full of light and all negativity and stress has been let go. Then in conjunction with the breath, let the prana expand within your body and then outward to surround your entire space.

As you move into the salutation and prayers. Not only feel the movement of the body, but also feel the movement of the prana within you and outside of you. In a state of relaxation, feel the sensations of the prana on your skin as your arms float upwards. Move with grace and a sense of sensuality and exploration, allowing the body to move naturally into the poses.


When you have finished your salutations, come back to the front of your mat. Understand that you have not only created healing within yourself, but the expansion of your own light and love creates healing for others in this world. Don’t forget Shavasana. Lay down on your mat and give thanks for being one on this earth. One that has the ability to not only care for yourself, but for others. Relax into the mat and let go and give the benefits of the practice, time to integrate into your body and mind, so you can now move through your day with the same grace of movement in your salutation…….Namaste

Source of Prayer Unknown. Submitted from Dariel Vogel & Mugs McConnell. Graphics royalty free from Yogafont.