Nominate someone to receive a scholarship to join the SOYA Annual Retreat


Applications are to be submitted by a nominator, on behalf of the person to receive the scholarship funding.  Scholarship funding will cover the tuition fee for the SOYA Annual Retreat. Winners of the scholarship will be announced and informed by March 31, 2023.


Scholarship Application Form for Retreat

  • The person who is applying for the scholarship on behalf of the student.
  • Please note that this scholarship fund will cover the amount of the SOYA Annual Retreat fees of $325+gst. Whoever is chosen to receive this scholarship is responsible for covering their own costs of travel, accommodation and meals. If they cannot do this and cannot attend the retreat, we ask that they inform us as soon as possible. The scholarship will then be offered to another who may be able to.
  • We will be following up with an email to request a paragraph or two telling SOYA how this student benefited by the scholarship and any other successes you wish to share. We would feel honoured to share your story in the SOYA enewsletter, if you and the student grant us permission.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.