Seva Scholarship Fund – Nominations for the SOYA Annual Retreat

 4 Scholarships will be awarded!

Any person may nominate someone who would otherwise be unable to attend the SOYA Annual Retreat.  Please note that this scholarship fund will cover the total amount of the SOYA Annual Retreat TUITION fees of $325+gst. Whoever is chosen to receive this scholarship will need to cover their own costs of travel, accommodation or camping, and meals (if they wish them provided at the retreat). If the scholarship recipient is unable to cover these costs and therefore unable to attend the retreat, the scholarship will be offered to another applicant.

Selection priority will lean toward nominees who are personally more economically vulnerable and where the person who nominates them has indicated compelling reasons they feel the student will benefit from attending the SOYA Annual Retreat.

Deadline for nominations is March 15.


The Seva Scholarship program has been generously funded by friends of SOYA who have assisted in fundraising efforts through the sale of used yoga props and books. This scholarship fund is intended to serve yoga students who have had less access to yoga, including:

  • BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color)
  • Economically marginalized
  • Differently-abled individuals
  • Other situations where a student has been unable to access yoga

Please consider helping us sustain this fund by making a small donation.