Dr. Bach, the pioneer in flower essence therapy, expresses flower essences the following way:

“Flower essences shine a light into where it is dark to bring curative properties and healing to the mind, body and soul.”

Flower Essences are largely unknown in the world, they are often mistaken for or grouped in with essential oils. While essential oils are wonderful healers, flower essences work on a higher vibration. They encompass all levels of our beings, starting from the physical as we ingest the remedy, moving to energy meridians and through the various subtle bodies and chakras and then return to the body through several portals determined by the type of remedy and the person’s constitution.

They are vibrational healers with no organic matter and as such, can never harm you. They can also work beautifully with other modalities to help you get to how you would like to feel in your mind, body and spirit, how you would like to be. They help turn on the inner healer that is in you.

Flower Essences are made by floating flowers in a bowl and having the sun pour through them for a period of time to help the flowers release their special vibrational healing into the water. Each flower has a special healing vibration that is unique to them. For example:

  • the Wild Rose helps us with the depletion in our heart during a grieving period or when we are depressed
  • Zinnia helps us to find the playful child that is temporarily gone while we have been working too hard and have become too serious
  • Raspberry can help us keep on track with a goal, declutter everything around it.

And there are hundreds more! They are not a placebo; you do not have to believe in them in order for them to work. They are powerful healers and when the right match is made between goal and remedy, major shifts will occur.

Do you have a goal that you would like to work towards and need support towards it? The right flower essence remedy can put power behind your intention and help you shift in that direction.

If you are interested in exploring this modality, please contact Leanne McKinnon at fourdirectionswellnesscentre@gmail.com for more information. All connections can be made over technology which is helpful during this period of physical distancing.

Stay well and take care.


Leanne McKinnon