The Ballad to Garudasana
by Jenni G
Clear Vision, Clear Vision,
What is my Mission?
I see clearly now.
I say Thank you with a bow.
I have sat perched long enough
Captured in the mind games of all the fluff
The time has come to spread these wings and soar.
And life, will not be a bore.
My life has been enriched by the inclusion of animals and connecting with the flow of Mother Nature. My hope is you feel their blessings, connect with their wisdom and guidance using this yoga asana practice as a tool.
This story has been blessed with many “Tangled Troubles and Triumph” – as certified SOYA yoga Teacher/ life coach/Soul Sister Christina Lockhart named her first mantra coloring book. As I dive deeper into this asana practice the story continues, and the tangles and triumphs unfold. I do the best I can to embrace these and trust the flow of nature finding a balance within it. The dedication and intention of connecting with animals through yoga is what brings peace and harmony to my heart, and is what I desire to share with the world.
I am an Animal LOVER – I believe I am an animal empath actually, but that is still unfolding. With this love I try to draw animals in whenever I can. They inspire me. They motivate me to be a Better human, like my cat “Furry Fur”… well, I guess that is a whole other story!
The way that animals follow their instinct and know just what to do. The way that dogs have a whole BODY Language they use to speak to each other – tail in a certain way, ears back, etc…. The natural balance, harmony and peace of animals and Mother Nature. It’s brilliant! This is where the practice of yoga comes in for me, and these aspects are teaching me to trust in the natural flow of life. A flow obtained only when the mind or ego are quieted.
Which brings us to how the “Ballad of Garudasana” came to life! It really begins with the question: “What is my mission?”. My quest for purpose in this life has always been present. I never did feel like I “fit in” here. I was 30 years old when I discovered yoga and my path to my purpose began. Now, as I connect further with the animals, I am seeing more clearly why I didn’t always “fit in” here – I am meant to fly with the Eagles! Perch when patience is needed and Soar when life has become a bore! I hope you will join me for the ride – it has been wild, happy and liberating thus far!
My connection with the Eagle specifically started on July 1, 2019 in Grand Forks B.C. This connection started in the physical realm, as most things do for us humans. The eagle also showed up in a very captivating fashion just one week prior. Andy (my husband) and I were driving down Gilpin road in Grand Forks. From the passenger seat, I looked over Andy’s shoulder to the river and witnessed an Eagle taking off. Had Andy’s arm been riding the air waves out of the window, he may have been able to graze its graceful wing.
The size. The fact that it was a Bald Eagle within a long arms length away. Wow. The creator/God had my attention.
Oh the questions it brought up! I believe all things happen for a reason and so I began to ask why ‘The Eagle’ was showing up for me. Why do I keep having all these cool experiences?!
Yoga is teaching me that we are all one, and since I am a seeker of knowledge and wisdom I hit my yoga library with my questions: Why is the Eagle showing up for me? Why is the Eagle here physically, in the cards, and in my heart (via the dragons and Mr. T Lewis)? Why do I keep seeing them?
The answer was found in the book Hatha Yoga: The Hidden Language by Swami Sivananda Radha. Her beautiful entry starting on page 181 brought me to Focus my attention, my practice, and my Intention for the month. Her words led me to understand that through practicing Garudasana, the Eagle Pose:
“The Eagle would bring Clear Vision” (this was on July 5).
This was Extraordinary timing for the Clear Vision of an Eagle to show up in my life. I have just moved to BC to find what is going to bring lasting happiness, Peace and Harmony to my heart. I have always wanted to do something with this life, something to invoke change for a better world, to be a “part of the Solution, not the Pollution”. My past problem was I never had a Clear Vision of how, and never believed I could. Without Clear Vision of what is in my heart – how could I be happy? How could I live the life of purpose I have so longed for? How could I know what I was meant to teach? With the inspiration of my location, a daily practice of Garudasana and dedication to expanding my vision, this is all becoming clear.
As I dive deeper into Dedication to the Ballad to Garudasana I am hoping my current yoga practice will strengthen this vision and bring acceptance to the natural flow of the animal way.  I invite you to join me. I will be doing this practice (pictured below) on Facebook throughout the month of August and would love a community to share it with.
Every winter Eagles all gather. Thousands upon thousands will migrate to one area – I think because they follow their instinct and know they are stronger in numbers, and winter is when their babies are just going off on their own and getting strong enough to fly solo. Do they find a mate there? I wonder? Either way – I believe nature knows best.
So let’s gather! Let’s “Gather” to support each other through EXPERIENCE, not just words and comments on Facebook. Let’s create a community based on Holistic Health. Oh wait… That is what SOYA has done! So, Thank you SO much for welcoming into this community of yogis, and I hope you like what I have to contribute. Looking forward to getting to know more of you via Facebook if you’d like to connect.
With Peace and harmony,
jenniG, Grand Forks, BC
To see the Yoga class dedicated to Garudasana, Click on the pdf Ballad to Garudasana.