The Breath of Bliss Journey by Carla Wainwright, M.Sc., E-RYT500, IYTA, SOYA
When Prana awakens within you, you embrace the transcendental consciousness of the Divine. 
Breath of Bliss is a presence practice exploring breath, movement and sound to feel more connected – to others and to ourselves.
Breathwork is an ancient practice – cultures around the world since the dawn of humanity have been using the breath as a way to take in spiritual nourishment, purify the body, cultivate presence and to move into expanded states of consciousness. Some practices, like yoga pranayama, are formal and prescribed where certain types of breath control are used for specific purposes. Other forms like conscious circular or holotropic breath work are more organic and unstructured. All forms are extremely beneficial and powerful life affirming practices.
Breath of Bliss uses a circular breath pattern which becomes a portal into our emotions, memories, sensations, dreams and consciousness. I have experienced and witnessed incredible transformation from this practice. I have found that each Breath of Bliss journey acts as catalyst to transform and up level anything which no longer serves you, and helps to provide clarity about who you really are. This breathwork creates a nurturing space to welcome the whole spectrum of human emotions and sensation, leading us on a path to come home to bliss as our birthright.
Our ceremony includes several key elements, including eye gazing, intention setting, ecstatic movement, conscious touch, heart to heart sharing and an hour-long lying down breathwork journey followed by an integration. When we gather in community and co-create a deeper awareness of allowing everything to be exactly as it is, we see and remember that each of us is connected, resourceful and whole.
If you would like to know more about this practice, please visit Christabel Zamor’s (the Breath of Bliss founder) website: Or feel free to contact me at