Purifying and detoxing after the vaccine using flower essences.

A lot of us have now had at least one Covid vaccination or both. Or we are thinking about getting it in the near future. To mitigate the side effects and get rid of the impurities that come in vaccines for myself and many of my clients, I recommend a purification flower essence blend offered by the Australian Bush Flower Essence company (ABFE).

Ian White, the head of ABFE, told us in session this spring that if we take the emergency essence before and after the shot to better prepare the body for the trauma it inflicts and then take a two-week dose of the purification essence, it will help us keep our body better situated going forward. We receive the protection from the vaccine and get rid of the unwanted materials and side effects from it. That has been my recommendation going forward. I have substituted Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy for the emergency essence blend from ABFE for before and after the shot. They are interchangeable for trauma and both are excellent. Then proceeded with the purification blend for two weeks. I have used this essence both times I have had my shot and have had very little ill effects from the vaccine immune response, as have my clients who have done this protocol. It is fine if you have had your shots already and some time has passed, it will still be of use in detoxifying the body.

Purification Flower Essences

The Purification Blend is a lovely elixir of 6 essences that come together to release and clear emotional waste and residual byproducts in the body and helps with letting go of built-up emotional baggage.  In our negative state we feel encumbered by our waste and in our positive condition we sense relief and release and that feeling of being “spring cleaned” in our mind and body.

A neat side effect to taking the purification essence on the two-week journey is that not only are we cleansing ourselves, I have noticed that I have also had the urge to clean up my environment. Especially things that have been in a disordered state for a long time. That old cupboard in the basement, the things that we have been hanging onto in case we might need them in the future, the garage that can be a bit of a beast. Whoosh, out the door to somebody that can appreciate them and honour them or the eco centre if need be. It seems to be that once the mind and body are purified, it also wants to purify our space and how lovely is that?

I look forward to hearing from you in the future. Stay safe and well and have a beautiful summer!


Leanne McKinnon, R.H. Integrated Therapist in Flower Essences, Herbology, Aromatherapy and Numerology. BSc ENV and owner of Four Directions Wellness Centre

The Purification Essence is $20 plus shipping. Dr. Bach’s rescue remedy is readily available in health food stores, however, I can also make up a batch if you would like both blends. I also do individual consults for other goals you may have for $100 which includes the elixir and also includes recommendations for herbs as a registered herbalist as well as aromatherapy and numerology. Please look me up on my new website: fourdirectionswellnesscentre.com noting how I spell centre. You can also send me an email to fourdirectionswellnesscentre@gmail.com or find me on Facebook under Four Directions Wellness Centre.