Reflections Upon “Barbie”

Article by SOYA lead trainer Terri McDermott E-RYT500, Spiritual/Life Coach, Teacher, Nurturer, Guide and Friend   I recently left the theatre after seeing the highly publicized “Barbie” movie by request ofmy 13 year old granddaughter and her friend, who had all...

Which Goddess Are You?

Once you connect to a goddess, you will realize that certain of your traits, skills and talents are her manifestation, even her gifts. But more to the point: the goddess can give you access to part of yourself that are unfamiliar and helpful.

Moments Before Transformation

Moments Before Transformation

Article submitted by Lalita Scott, E-RYT500, PCA, P-RYT, C-RYT, SOYA Lead Faculty   Transformation Before Covid in our small city, yoga studio’s overflowed with students. We would pack students into studios so close their mats would almost touch. The energy was...