revitalize and deepen your yoga practice

Refresh and Reboot Yoga Training Programs

SOYA’s Refresh Yoga Training Programs

Not sure how to make your classes interesting for you and your students anymore? Need new material to offer? Haven’t been teaching for a while? We are here to support you and your Yoga Teaching!

Get re-inspired with this affordable option may be exactly what you what you need!

A Unique Perspective for Yoga Teachers

Unlike many schools, SOYA gives their teachers a strong foundation in yoga philosophy along with experience in teaching asana, modifications, sequencing, mantra, pranayama, mudra, meditation, and lesson plan creation.

You may be missing some of these skills and are ready to expand your teaching repertoire in a deeper way.  We welcome you to join us to learn those missing pieces.


“After 16 days of amazing learning, I left the training feeling confident and ready for my teaching journey. If you are searching for a well-rounded program that leads you deeper into your own practice and gives you a strong foundation to teaching,  I think that the SOYA Training would be an amazing fit!”

Jenni – Reinspired Yoga Teacher


Refresh Yoga Training Programs

200 Hour Refresh and Reboot Locations

Half Program (8-days): $1190 CA, $1110 US

Full Program (16-days): $1795 CA, $1670 US

Weekend Training Locations

  • Jan 23-Apr 25, Strathmore, Alberta
  • Feb 27-Jul 11, Penticton, BC


  • Feb 27-May 15, Creston, BC
  • Mar 4-Jun 12, Prince George, BC

Immersion Training Locations

  • March 1-18 New Smyrna Beach, Florida
  • April 5-21, 2021 Penticton, BC
  • July 2-18, Calgary, AB
  • Sept 10-27 2021 Traverse City, Michigan
  • Nov 19-Dec 5 in Melaque, Mexico

300 Hour  Refresh and Reboot Locations

Half Program (12-days): $1585 CA, $1385 US

Full Program (24-days): $2185 CA, $1995 US

Weekend Training Locations

  • Prince George: Jan 8th – Jul 11 2021


Immersion Training Locations

  • Calgary, AB
    • Module A: Mar 26-Apr 3 2021
    • Module B: Aug 14-28 2021
  • Penticton, AB
    • Module A: Apr 25-May 8 2021
    • Module B: Oct 3-16 2021
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan
    • Module A: Nov 11–22, 2020
    • Module B: May 1-12, 2021

“Sometimes we have doubts about ourselves and hesitate to make a step forward.  Before studying with SOYA I could hardly believe in myself but my intuition said that I was in the right hands and I made my step, keeping deep faith and trust in people I came to learn from.”

Lisa – Reinspired Yoga Teacher