From the SOYA Archives, originally submitted by Emma Barata, SOYA500 from Prince George BC

Ananda Madirasana activates the Ajna Chakra

The vajra, the thunderbolt, is said to be the weapon of Indra king of the devas or gods, just as the mind is the king of all the senses. Vajra is also the name of a major nadi directly connected with the genito-urinary system which regulates the sexual and creative forces in the body. Control of vajra nadi leads to sublimation and control over sexual energy, strengthens determination, will and the ability to manifest in our lives. Ananda Madirasana is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as Intoxicating Bliss pose. This asana is used to awaken Ajna Chakra, and also to calm the mind and relax the nervous system.

More about Vajra Nadi

Method for Ananda Madirasana

Sit on your heels with your knees together, as in Vajrasana. Place the palms of your hands on your heels so that the fingers of each hand are pointing towards each other. Keep your spine straight and close your eyes. Relax your whole body. If you are uncomfortable in this position, then separate your legs slightly or try a variation (below). Now fix your attention on the place between your eyes, the eyebrow centre. Allow your breath to be slow and deep, imagining that it is travelling in and out of the eyebrow centre. Gradually, begin to imagine that the breath is being inhaled at the eyebrow centre, travelling up and then out through the third eye, moving back down to the eyebrow centre as you exhale. Keep your attention on your breath and continue the practice for five to ten minutes. Be a spectator to a thought or colour, but perfectly in a detached state of mind. After a few days’ practice, you can attain no mind position giving deepest rest to the mental faculties.

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About Ananda Madirasana, the Intoxicating Bliss Pose


  • Improves and aids in your digestion.
  • Conditions pelvic muscles and brings awareness to your posture.
  • Aids in good posture for meditation and centering.
  • An alternative posture for meditation and centering.
  • Very beneficial for the reproductive as well as the digestive organs.
  • Calms the mind, to relax the nervous system.
  • Awakens the Ajna Chakra.
  • Reveals the path for Para-psychology.
  • Makes the body exceptionally strong and healthy.
  • Strengthens determination and fortitude.


  • Slow and deep.
  • Contemplate as if you are breathing from the eyebrow centre.
  • Let the gentle flow of breath go on.


  • Knee injuries or problems with cartilage or ligament tears
  • Ankle problems

Variations and Explorations

If the pose is too deep for the knees, place a thick, firm pillow or a folded blanket between the buttocks and heels to decrease how far the hips come down onto the feet.

Place a thin cushion or rolled up towel under ankles if the stretch is too deep for the ankle joint or if the foot muscles are cramping.