Abundance 2021 Journey with Flower Essences

Hello beautiful Yogi’s and Yogini’s. I am excited to offer a special flower essence journey for inviting more abundance into your life starting January 1st for 28 special days.

Abundance can be found in many different areas of our lives. It is defined as plentifulness, wealth, luxuriousness and is the polar opposite of lack and scarcity. A popular misconception is that there is only so much to go around, a finite amount of resources in the world. It is this kind of thinking that can create a grasping, hoarding mentality and it simply is not true. That is an example of human law versus universal law. There is enough for everyone in the universe and we just need to tap into that current, that abundant way of thinking.

I have a special flower essence blend from Australia specially formulated to create abundance. I thought, what better way to start 2021 then to do an abundance journey? Then I thought, why don’t I invite people to join me on this journey? When you form a circle of people it creates an extra “oomph” into whatever you are doing, and this is important work. The essence contains a few flower essences and one of them is to remove sabotage around money that you may have brought in with you from a past life, so that could be helpful.

Are there areas of your life that could use more abundance? It could be growing your business, finding someone special, expanding your friendship circle, travel, creating opportunity for learning, etc. Whatever area(s) of your life could use a boost could be helped by this sacred journey.

The cost is $50 Canadian, plus shipping if you are outside the Edmonton region. This package will include the essence that you will take twice daily for 28 days and a set of 5 steps that increase your abundance opening. You will do the steps at your own pace and how it feels best for you. They are not overly time consuming but will require a few hours spread out through the month. Of course the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it naturally.

I will also be setting up a Facebook page that will be private and only include members that are on this journey. It will be there to share anything that is happening on your journey, for inspiration for the highs, support for the lows and questions that pop up. It is optional to join though, not mandatory.

I hope you can join me at this special time of the New Year and the freshness of 2021. You can reach me at fourdirectionswellnesscentre@gmail.com.


Leanne McKinnon

Integrated Therapist, R.H. BSc ENV

Specializing in flower essences, herbology, aromatherapy and numerology

 This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA (Creative Commons)