Hosting Yoga Retreats & What I’ve Learned Over The Years

by Terri McDermott, ERYT 500, SOYA Lead Trainer Founder, Svastha Wellness & Peaceful Poses

Hosting yoga retreats is a wonderful way to gather like-minded individuals that are interested in a specific teaching that is woven throughout the time spent together.  This time can be an extended weekend or longer, 5-7 days.  In my experience, it allows for a connection at a much deeper level with a group, small or large, of the energy within that space.  You, as host, are in control of that energy.  As the host, you determine the location, the space, the topic, the teachings you are ready to share, the energy you would like to provide, be it one of learning or one of instilling peace and healing!  Creativity is the key and the possibilities are endless.


Where is it you would like to take your group?  Is there a place that is a favorite for you that you know well?  Is there a space that you’ve never been before that you’d love to travel to?  Sometimes beginning with a local space that is well known is the place to begin.  It provides a stability and a knowingness of the area with your wisdom and expertise that doesn’t allow for unknowns.  Starting here and working your way into larger areas, unless working with a retreat organization, is one of the best ways to get started.  Working with a travel company can alleviate a lot of the stressors of selection of space, location, additional planning etc., until you get your feet wet in this area and just allow you to teach.  There are many, so do your due diligence in the selection process should you choose this method.


What space energetically suits your needs and is affordable as you begin your journey with retreats?  Search local AirBnb’s, Retreat Centers, Lodges, etc.  What is it they provide?  What is it about the space that feels right to you and is attractive to your group you have in mind?


What is needed at the time with the community you’d like to attract to your retreat?  Is there a book you’d like to facilitate learning from?  Is there a special festival in the area you’d like to build upon?  Do you have a specific topic that is tugging at your heart you’d like to share?  


Teach what you know!  What is it that calls deeply to you to share with others?  Be prepared to teach what is familiar to you.  What do your students currently love about your teachings?  Pay attention to the details.


Share your beautiful energy and that of the teachings and space you’ve chosen.  Be mindful of the energy you wish to hold space for and get creative.  


If this is your first retreat, it is often a wonderful idea to share the experience with someone and plan together, not only to draw from two groups of people, but also to share the load of putting a retreat together and the expenses.  It is work, do not kid yourself.  It is as much fun as you can possibly imagine, but it also can be disastrous should the proper planning not be in place or you are unprepared for the elements of surprise!

If you are interested in sharing, traveling, connecting at a deeper level within a space held by others for a period of time, venture out, seek a space and community, get creative and share your beautiful energy and teachings!

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Terri McDermott, E-RYT500, SOYA, IYTA, founder of Svastha and Peaceful Poses.

Terri attended her first yoga classes in an elementary school basement learning yoga from a dedicated mom. That seed took root and continues to grow strong, taking her on a path of spiritual growth and coaxing within her the need to continue to learn about the intricacies of the human body, the mind and spirit. She is currently offering SOYA 200hr and 300hr teacher training programs in online and hybrid formats, and immersions in Michigan and Florida.