From Natasha Scott’s Collection of Short Stories – her Journey on the Yoga Path. 

I am writing this in Melaque, Mexico, while setting up to lead the SOYA 200hr Teacher Training. I find myself thanking the Divine for every step that has led me here.

The day I signed up for the SOYA yoga teacher training, a lifetime ago, I was following something inside of me that I couldn’t define. Something that was BIG. I found myself handing over 24 post-dated cheques for a 2 year extended 500hr training.

As I drove home after handing in the cheque’s on the first day of training I clearly remember the conflict inside of me. My head was telling me, “How in hell are those cheques not going to bounce? What have you done?”

I felt tears running down my cheeks as I drove home because I didn’t have a good come back for my mind. All I had was this clear, strong, deep feeling inside my heart, leading me to this training. All I could hear from my heart was….. “trust”. I would later find out this word “trust” was to be one of my favourite Sanskrit words: Ishvarapranidhana, meaning surrender to the Divine flow.

When I got home my husband was waiting for me at the front door, along with our toddler and newborn. He had the beautiful news that the property we had been trying to sell….SOLD. And that is how I paid for a teacher training that would pay me be back a million times over. The training that would change the entire path of my life, and allow me to live my dharma. The path that would lead me to this moment in Mexico.

I imagine that if you are reading this, you too have experienced a call, a leap of faith for something you can’t verbally describe to others. When you start connecting to your true self you live in better alignment with the “I” that is undefinable. The true you (awareness) feels amazing, like coming Home, or should I say like coming OM.

OM is often described as saying YES to life, saying yes to your dharma. I often find myself wishing for everyone to experience this. However, everyone must find their own path here. I am so incredibly grateful for all those who have inspired me to listen to something BIG so I don’t have to pretend to be small. Because none of us are small. None of us are definable. How amazing that I get to witness people coming OM. Let the training begin. Swaha❤ ? ⭐


Natasha Scott is the owner of Starlit Yoga and a Lead Trainer for SOYA She specializes in yoga for chronic pain, prenatal and children’s yoga. Natasha will be leading the 200 hour Foundation Immersions at the lovely God’s Mountain Estate from April 13-29th near Penticton, and at Villa Xochipilli in Melaque Mexico Nov 20-Dec 6th. She will also lead the 300 Hr Professional Immersion at God’s Mountain Estate in two modules beginning in Oct 2020.