Ayahuasca as Medicine

Ayahuasca and Tobacco have been used as medicine by the Shamans in the jungles of the Amazon for many years. As a yoga teacher and fellow yogi I...

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Yoga in Latvia

YOGA IN LATVIA – A DOCUMENTARY IN THE MAKING   by Mugs McConnell, SOYA, ERYT500 Next year will be Latvia’s 100th birthday. An inspiring group of...

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What is Anusara Yoga

WHAT THE HECK IS ANUSARA YOGA? By Kamala Wilkie, E-RYT500, SOYA Lead Trainer, Anusara Inspired Teacher Kamala Wilkie is an extremely dedicated...

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THE CHAKRAS, A PATH TO THE SELF By Latika Pierrette Claude, SOYA, RYT500 Who am I? What is my purpose on this earth? These fundamental questions...

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Spiritual Pathways

Swami Sivananda said “The paths are many but the truth is One”. I believe that it may take a few spiritual pathways to find the truth, but as long...

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