What is Breath of Bliss?
Saturday night at the SOYA Annual Retreat, everyone will be invited to experience the Breath of Bliss with Carla Wainwright, SOYA Lead Trainer.
Breathwork is a ancient practice. Since the dawn of humanity, peoples across the planet have used the breath as a gateway into transcendental realms, expanded emotions, life changing insights and connecting to the divine. In the last 50+ years there has been a surge of interest in breathwork in the West, not only yogic pranayama, but also circular continuous breathwork practices. Circular connected breathing, where we leave out the pause between the inhalation and exhalation, is a practice of surrendering fully and completely into the breath. The result? Powerful, mind-altering experiences of heart-opening and awareness!
Breath of Bliss™ is one such breathwork practice. It finds its lineage in the work for Dr. Stanislav Grof and Leonard Orr. Breath of Bliss™, created by Christabel Zamor, is a practice which allows you to experience the vast terrain of your humanity and connect you into a reservoir of ecstasy which is available to you at all times. This innovative program draws on the work of Advaita, Science of Mind, Tantra, sacred geometry, temple arts and vast array of conscious loving life coaching exercises which amplify your sense of wholeness, perfection and empowerment. By embracing and moving towards the entire spectrum of life experiences and emotions, instead of resisting and moving away, we can connect into incredible sensations of oneness and our divine nature.
Every Breath of Bliss experience is a ceremony with a specific theme. We will gather to move our bodies, deepen presence, explore connection exercises and enjoy deep sharing and conscious touch. Then we lie down to dive into an hour of circular connected breath guided by a facilitator and a carefully chosen musical tapestry. Together we discover what wants to be felt, seen and realized within. You are supported on this journey every step of the way.
On the Saturday evening, June 3rd, at the Annual SOYA Yoga Retreat, I am honoured to be bringing this practice to the SOYA community. Anyone is welcome to participate. There is incredible power and healing that happens in a group when we breathe together and I am so looking forward to sharing this experience with you. Please watch for upcoming articles in the SOYA newsletter that explore other aspects of this practice in advance of our gathering. And you are always welcome to contact me: Carla.wainwright@gmail.com Peace & Blessings!
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