Join this unique opportunity to directly experience the deep wisdom and peace of your own light of truth through satsang, chanting, and meditation with Hirdaya.

I’ve lived my entire adult life as a yogi devoted to the study of yogic knowledge and the practice of meditation, and have lived in an ashram in the Himalayas, India for 30 years, with my Guru. When he sent me to Canada to teach in 2002, I met Mugs, who saw and understood me, and offered me to be part of SOYA as a philosophy teacher.

So I’ve been a philosophy teacher with SOYA for about 20 years, teaching in person as well as virtually in various studios in BC, and have led some wonderful chanting events at SOYA conferences. And I’ve met beautiful, sincere beings who want to dive deeper into Self awareness, and live the gift of this human life in the freedom that is our true nature.

Lately, I teach and conduct satsang online, and have found that, more than ever in these changing and challenging times, we, as highly aware beings, are being called to be deeply grounded in the truth of who we are and radiate that peaceful presence to all those around us.

I’ve found that this really shines through gathering in the supportive community of truth called satsang, where the teachings of Self inquiry, chanting, meditation, and refined atmosphere inspire the heart and soul, offer answers to deep questions, and provide practical tools for living this higher awareness in our daily lives.

Every year I offer a retreat over the Remembrance Day long weekend, a nice meditative time of year, and a great time to bring some extra light and wisdom into our days. Along with lots of satsang, meditation and chanting, one of our sessions is a havan, a virtual fire ceremony where we chant the Gayatri mantra 108 times to purify ourselves andthe atmosphere around us. Because we’ll be doing this together virtually, to make it special, I’ll play a recording of my own Guru singing the Gayatri mantra 108 times which you can sing along with out loud or silently, as you like.

This is a warm invitation to join this satsang retreat. We will share the joy of discussion, chanting, meditation, and laughter together.

Heidi Groschler (Hirdaya) has devoted her life to freedom and Self-knowledge. She was drawn to meditation at an early age, recognizing that it provided answers to her innately inquiring mind, and a way of living the life of freedom and fulfillment she had been searching for. For over thirty years she has been extensively teaching and practicing the transforming science of meditation and its philosophy, twenty of which have been spent in a specialized mastership program at the International Meditation Institute in the Himalayas under the guidance of a Self-realized master. Through her intensive practice, Hirdaya has deeply imbibed the spirit of the pure, blissful and timeless wisdom of Self-awareness.