The Vinyasa of Life – by Carla Wainwright, E-RYT500
“There is nothing permanent except change.” So goes the quote from the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus. In life things arise, they abide and then they dissolve.
Our asana practice also mirrors this cycle of impermanence. In Vinyasa we connect to the smooth flow of our breath and movement. As we move through each pose, we are given a brief moment to settle (sometimes only a breath) and then once completed, it transforms into something new. Our lives and our thoughts are like this too – each moment arises, is there for just that moment and then dissolves as the new moment takes its place.
On the mat this can embody a feeling of sweetness. The flow becomes a dance that attunes us to the body and the breath in each moment. It invites presence.
That same sweetness can be found in everyday life. Each action has a beginning (arising), its brief moment of sustaining (abiding) and then it moves to completion (dissolving). Resisting this flow is futile – it is the law upon which everything is bound to.
So when you are struggling in a difficult moment, take a deep breath, and remember that this too shall pass.
Carla Wainwright is a past SOYA lead trainer for the 200 teacher training in Mexico and the 300 hour Upgrade. She will always be valued for her dedication to SOYA.