How can you benefit from Yoga? Offered from Natasha Scott, SOYA lead trainer.
“If only there was something we could do to reduce stress, improve our mental and physical health and just make us feel better!!”
“If only there was an ancient practice, tested and refined over thousands of years that could help us.” Wait, there is. If you haven’t guessed it, I’m talking about yoga.
Natasha Scott from Starlit Yoga in Penticton, answers questions on Yoga for Pharmasave in Summerland, BC.
Yoga does offer strength and flexibility, it also has a calming effect on the nervous system which I believe is one of its greatest gifts. Walking is amazing as well. What is different is the focus on breath and movement, bringing you into the body with purpose on purpose. We spend much of our time in our minds and living just outside our bodies, dragging it from one appointment to the next.
Yoga offers us the gift of the moment.
Yoga is much more than movement. When you bring awareness to the breath, to the body, to the moment, we start seeing things differently.
And although self exploration is a solo mission on your mat, being in a calm healing room guided by a teacher who has walked this path and is cheering you on is much different than a walk.
I will say that if you go for a walk after a yoga class (and I highly recommend you do) you will see the world around so much more vibrantly.
Like you’re seeing it from your heart with presence, instead of being completely distracted by the dialogue of the mind.
Do both!
What is the most unexpected benefit of yoga that may surprise people?
Yoga sneaks up on you! Physically yes with strength and mobility… but personally I have found that it’s the lowered stress levels.
The things that used to floor me with stress just don’t anymore.
Moving to a place of response instead of reaction is a thing of beauty. But its baby steps, you don’t really notice much is shifting, until some big fork in the road comes along and you handle it.., just fine. That’s awesome.
Have you ever seen people improve their menopausal symptoms with yoga (perhaps by improving their overall fitness)?
In the last decade of teaching yoga I have heard the most amazing health benefits happening due to yoga. The relief to menopausal symptoms can be part of overall fitness and to slowing down and loving and nurturing oneself. As women we DO so much and many have a fear of getting old.
If we can learn to love ourselves in all our stages of life that will affect every single system and cell in our bodies. Self care is a huge part of healthcare and learning to be Gentle and compassionate to ourselves is the beginning. Love and Kindness are the foundation of Yoga.
Any tips on how to pick a suitable yoga class?
Really, the stars have to be in alignment!
My advice is try many. It has to be the right style, with a teacher you connect with, on the right day, at the right time for your schedule.
There truly is Yoga for everyone.
So if you try a class and don’t like it, try a different one, don’t be shy.
Once you find your style, teacher, and class it will move you in the most wonderful ways.
Do you have a fascinating story about someone improving their health with yoga?
I have so many. I am trained in Chronic Pain Yoga and run Recharge classes to help calm the nervous system and keep movement.
I have had students write letters about their entire lives changing due to yoga. That their families and friends comment that their attitude to life is different… how huge is that?!
When we can reconnect to happiness again our whole body responds.
I have also taught Prenatal Yoga for the last decade and have seen huge health benefits, the biggest being the space of yoga for moms to be meeting and gaining friendships that last a lifetime.
And also for the last decade I have been teaching Kids Yoga of all ages in the school district. Pretty amazing to have youth tell you about their anxiety and depression and how breath work, movement, and meditation are having a wildly positive effect on them.
It’s the kind of stuff that is “Break your heart open” amazing.
This is a portion of an informational post by – a compounding pharmacy that make up specialized medications that a “regular” pharmacy can’t. Used with permission from Tim Dryer.
Organic FoodNatasha Scott, SOYA, E-RYT500, is the owner of Starlit Yoga in Penticton. She is a lead trainer for SOYA 200 hour trainings. .