The 20 Tantric Kriyas as explained in Letters from the Yoga Masters, are beautifully meditative and progressive. Pavana Sanchalana brings us to the next progression following Nada Sanchalan. Pavana relates to the movement of wind or air. Here we have a rotation of “breath consciousness”. 

By now you are becoming very adept at the “figure 8” rotation through the chakras. arohan awarohanAlthough it may seem very repetitive, that is the key to the process. To sit quietly, going inward, and establishing a stable inner concentration. We could think of it almost like a mantra, repeated over and over again to maintain our inner focus and prevent the mind from wandering. Instead of using a mantra we focus our attention to each chakra, creating a pattern of flow and an inner knowing of each chakra location.

Sit in a comfortable seated pose with a straight spine. The eyes are open. You will use ujjayi breath with the tongue curled back to touch the soft palate (amritpan khechari mudra.) Lower the chin to “look at” muladhara chakra to begin. Mentally repeat “muladhara” three times, then say “arohan” mentally and inhale up the frontal part of the body, repeating the names of each chakra in your mind as you move your consciousness from muladhara to svadhisthana, manipura, anahata, and vishuddhi. As the mind moves up though each chakra, the head moves up with them. 

When consciousness is at the bindu chakra, hold the breath and mentally repeat “bindu, bindu, bindu.” Say “awarohan” mentally and exhale down the back of the body, taking your consciousness to ajna, vishuddhi, anahata, manipura, svadhisthana, to muladhara. The eyes gradually close on the way down so they are fully closed at the muladhara chakra. The head movement also follows the chakras on the way down. 

The full practice process is to repeat this process forty-nine times, however, if time is limited, 11 repetitions is an alternative. Try to savour the practice, without rushing. Here is a video to guide you through the process. You can read more about it on page 150 in Letters from the Yoga Masters. 

Remember, these practices are intended to thread one into the next, until eventually all 20 kriyas are completed in one sitting. Of course many of us do not have time to do this, so they are still very beautiful practices completed on their own.  Enjoy! 


Marion Mugs McConnell is the author of Letters from the Yoga Masters: Teachings Revealed through Correspondence from Paramhhansa Yogananda, Ramana Maharshi, Swami Sivananda, and Others, published by North Atlantic Books copyright © 2016 ISBN 978-1-62317-035-6. This is an excerpt of the book, and reprinted by permission of North Atlantic Books.