In the Bhagavad Gita, the main human character Arjuna finds himself quailing at the future he sees before him. The Divine form of Krishna stands beside him and gives him the guidance he needs to face his life. Krishna shares the truth of Yoga with Arjuna. 

There is so much wisdom in this beautiful story. One part that I love is when Arjuna asks to see the world the way that Krishna sees it. So Krishna gives Arjuna the gift of Divine Sight, and what Arjuna then sees is ALL the forms, ALL the good, ALL the bad, ALL things that are contained in this Universe, and he realizes that ALL perspectives are contained within the Divine form. Arjuna’s human eyes and mind cannot handle all of this at once, and he begs for his human sight back! But he cannot unlearn what he now knows. One thing we can take from that is that there are many many ways to BE in the world, and the Divine contains them all. Krishna shows Arjuna that he has been seeing his life through his one perspective (one of fear and doubt) and offers Arjuna the opportunity to see it through another perspective (one of faith and action).

Arjuna can face his life with courage, faith and love because of the yogic perspective taught to him by the Divine Krishna.


The more we practice yoga, the more we begin to understand that the perspective WE hold is one that we have the choice to keep. We begin to inquire whether our perspectives are ones that create a sense of harmony, faith and action in our lives. We begin to ask if there is something within ourselves that holds us separate from that state of unity. What we gain is the ability to choose to let go of one way of looking at something and choose another perspective that will bring us closer to the sense of unity and connection we all so dearly seek. And the whole world can look different when we do that!

I am so grateful to be part of the wonderful faculty of the South Okanagan Yoga Academy for many reasons. When the difficult times of this pandemic and all that came with it occurred, Mugs and Bob used their understanding of these yogic concepts so very well. What could have been perceived as a huge problem was instead viewed through the perspective of opportunity. The question was asked “How can we look at this as a way to serve our community in ways we have not yet?”. Instead of stalling in fear and inaction, they promptly turned and faced the challenge that had arisen so unexpectedly. They didnt know how, but they moved forward with faith. In the past 2 years, SOYA has created new programming styles that have allowed us all to continue to share the life-nourishing practice of yoga with all that wish to learn. These formats are here to stay too, because we have learned that it has opened up a path of study for many that could not join us before! 

I pray 2022 brings you all the connection, harmony and opportunities you could ask for! And if you can’t see or believe that they are there, perhaps alter your lens and see how different things can look and feel based on the perspective you choose. 

You can check out the new 200 and 300hr Online and Hybrid programs on the SOYA website here!

Rebecca Stone is an E-RYT500 and the SOYA Lead Faculty member in Alberta. She is leading 200hr and 300hr Yoga Teacher Training Immersions and Weekends in-person  near Calgary, and Edmonton Alberta as well as Online and Hybrid training programs. Born and raised in Alberta, Becky has a private and community practice in Strathmore sharing accessible and adaptable hatha yoga classes for children and adults living with chronic pain, illness and special needs.