200 hr Foundation and 300hr Advanced Professional Upgrade

Online Yoga Teacher Training
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Online Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Online 200 hour and 300 hour upgrade Teacher Training offered LIVE via Zoom – Weekends or Weekdays program options.

SOYA is proud to offer online yoga teacher training. Training 100% online is a unique and time-limited opportunity that we are enjoying a lot! Missed sessions are recorded and can be watched later, making this a truly versatile training program.

Become firmly grounded in daily practice and teaching of kriya, asana, pranayama, and meditation with SOYA’s Foundational 200hr. Deepen your knowledge with the Professional 300hr Upgrade to RYT500 hr level.

The same wonderful curriculum that has evolved for over 25 years is shared in this very modern and accessible format. Private online groups create connections between fellow students, while ongoing support from the lead trainers makes these rich and transformative trainings.

online yoga teacher training
200 hour registered yoga school
300 hour registered yoga school
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200hr and 300hr Online Yoga Teacher Training

Do you prefer a mix of both Online and In Person training? Check out our new Hybrid Yoga Teacher Training options!

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SOYA’s Training Philosophy

01. Learn

Study the history and philosophy of different yoga paths, including Jnana, Bhakti, Raja, Karma and Hatha Yoga. Studies include the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Kriyas, Chakras, Meditation, Pranayama, Professionalism, and Anatomy.

02. Integrate

Become firmly grounded in daily practice of kriya, asana, pranayama, and meditation. Every day is filled with traditional yoga practices as you learn to take your yoga off the mat and into your every day life.

03. Apply

Start practice teaching on day one in a safe and supportive setting. Create a series of lesson plans that suit your style and students. Your teaching practicum will prepare you to immediately start teaching upon graduation, with on-going support from SOYA faculty.  


an online yoga training program

Yoga Online Program Overview

Meeting days and frequency for Online Program may vary.

Sample 5 Hour Day in the Online Yoga Training

  • 9:00am morning Kriyas, Pranayama, Meditation
  • 10am Asana, Philosophy or Teaching Skills
  • 1pm Balanced Hatha Yoga class
  • 2pm close for the day
  • Recorded asana class, meditation, or yoga nidra during week – done on own time
  • Philosophy Lessons completed prior to each meeting

Lauren shares about her 200hr online training experience in 2020.

The Online Yoga Teacher Trainings have the exact curriculum as the Immersion and Weekend programs. Typically the online training is held 1-2 days per week, 5 hours per day, with additional videos and assignments completed on your own time. We offer programs on both weekdays or weekends to accommodate working life.


“Due to COVID, I completed my training online via zoom. I don’t know training for the 200 hour any different, but I wouldn’t have changed my experience. I got to meet wonderful souls throughout BC and into Alberta and if it wasn’t for Zoom, that wouldn’t have happened. Our instructors were so supportive and patience as we navigated the new format and I feel like we left our training experience as prepared as any in-person group would have.”

Ashley – 200hr SOYA Grad

200 Hr Foundational Curriculum Overview



  • Studies in the Bhagavad Gita
  • Studies in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  • Understanding Chakras
  • Meditation
  • Kriyas and their practice
  • Basic Pranayama
  • Asanas with Benefits, Cautions, Modifications
  • Anatomy of Movement
  • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Sanskrit Pronunciation
  • Sequencing and Creating Lesson Plans
  • Teaching Practicum: daily practice developing teaching skills
  • Ongoing support after graduation


1) 15 Written Assignments including the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Kriyas, Chakras, Meditation, Pranayama, Professionalism, and Anatomy.

These lessons will reveal many yogic truths that will enhance your life and give you depth as a teacher! Assignments must be completed prior to the Immersion training, and as required for the Weekend and Online training.

2) Keep Practicing your yoga regularly

300 Hr Professional Curriculum Overview


The Subtle Anatomy of Yoga: Advanced Energetic Techniques

  • Chakras, Granthis, Koshas, Lokas and Vayus
  • Explorations in Advanced Pranayama
  • Svara Yoga: The Science of Breath
  • Hand and Body Mudras: Energetic Seals
  • Mantras: Words of Power
  • De-mystifying Sacred Sanskrit
  • Personal Energy Management and Self Care
  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika: A path to Enlightenment
  • Mythology of Yoga
  • Understanding Karma and Reincarnation
  • Bridging teachings from The Bhagavad Gita and The Yoga Sutras and integrating them into Modern Times

Making Yoga Inclusive For All: Adapting Yoga for Every Body

  • Trauma Sensitivity in Yoga
  • Consent Based Yoga and Light Assists
  • Common Misalignments: Refining Observation Skills
  • Teaching Specialty Classes: Chair Yoga, Seniors Yoga, Yoga for the Office, Yoga in Schools, Restorative, Prenatal, etc.
  • Seva or Service to Others: Impacting Karma and Reincarnation
  • Ayurveda: The Science of the Doshas
  • The Upanishads: Gems from the Vedas

Advancing Teaching Skills: Sequencing, Themes, Voice and Body Language

  • Principles of Safe, Creative Sequencing
  • Language and The Power of your Voice
  • Creating Sacred Space in Home and Studio
  • The Magic of Verbal Cues, Demonstrations, Yoga Props and Light Assists
  • Anatomy of Movement: Stretch and Strength
  • Anatomy Based Sequencing to Peak Poses
  • Leading Pranayama, Meditation and Mantras
  • Building Themes into Yoga Classes
  • Creating and Planning Private Sessions, Workshops and Retreats
  • Finding your Market Niche

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Online Yoga Teacher Training Programs


SOYA’s Online Training is an excellent choice for those who cannot get away from home but crave to learn and teach the deeper aspects of yoga. The program gives you time to learn more gradually and put the studies into practice before the next session. SOYA’s curriculum will help you to excel at your yoga teaching and your yoga lifestyle. For details and rates please select your yoga training program below. 300 hour modules can be taken in any order.

online yoga teacher training

Enhance Your Yoga Life With SOYA’s Traditional Yoga Teaching Programs

Questions? Please reach out for clarification about these in-depth, authentic yoga teacher trainings. They are rich, fun, and life-changing.