Sitting on the floor for meditation has many benefits, and is well worthwhile the time it takes to make the posture comfortable and accessible. Siddhasana, also known as the Perfection Pose, is one of the postures of meditation recommended in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. It will promote a quiet mind and the placement of the heels at the base of the body help to raise the kundalini energy upward along the sushumna. It helps open the hips, sides of legs, knees and ankles. It lengthens the spine and provides postural stability. It’s a peaceful and grounding posture for use during periods of meditation, centering or even working.

So here are some tips to make your experience sitting in Siddhasana as enjoyable as possible…

Set up your space with a large folded blanket or bolster to sit on. This provides support for the ankles and can make sitting for long periods much more comfortable. If you can sit down on the floor criss-cross apple sauce without any problem, fantastic, this pose may feel accessible from the beginning! But most people will need a slightly raised seat underneath the hips to help the knees fall below the hips. Lifting your seat by sitting on something allows you to come into a neutral pelvic position and align the spine properly. You can rock forwards and back to embody this action until you find your center. Play around the thickness of your lift – once you find the right height, it will become very comfortable to sit tall.

Place one heel at the base of the pelvis, or as close as is possible. Stack the other heel directly over top of the other. This heel will then rest against the front of the pubic bone, if the flexibility is available. It is not necessary that the heels touch the pelvis, but over time you may find they will!

We love this illustration of Ganesha sitting in Siddhasana, by Devika Menon. This image and the story of Siddhasana can be found in the wonderful book “The Stories Behind the Asanas”. The author, Dr. Raj Balkaran is our special guest at the SOYA Annual Retreat this June 2-4, 2023.

From the story about The Perfection Pose, Siddhasana

“The physical practice of yoga is ultimately an exercise in the embodiment of the divine interplay of Siva and Parvati; a way for us to inhabit the body that affords us insight in the relationship between these two cosmic principles. When you sit in Siddhasana, contemplate the wisdom of Ganesha and remember the divine play that lies at the heart of your own being”

Ganesha sitting in Siddhasana

Find this great book for yourself and read this wonderful story by Raj, perhaps while you are sitting in Siddhasana! And I really hope you will join us in Sorrento this spring to meet him and learn many more of the stories behind the asanas.

Rebecca Stone is an E-RYT500 and the SOYA Lead Faculty member in Alberta. She is leading 200hr and 300hr Yoga Teacher Training Immersions and Weekends in-person  in Alberta and Mexico as well as Online and Hybrid training programs. Born and raised in Alberta, Becky has a private and community practice in Strathmore sharing accessible and adaptable hatha yoga classes for children and adults living with chronic pain, illness and special needs.