submitted by Natasha (Lalita) Scott E-RYT 500, SOYA Faculty

How can I be stressed, I’m a practitioner and teacher of yoga? 

How can this be? I wondered as I left the emergency. What I  thought was a heart attack was not. It was stress. 

How can this be? I wondered as I couldn’t open my mouth  properly for over a month due to TMJ ( stress jaw).  

How can this be? As I gained weight, and developed cysts in my  breasts. 

I’m a yoga practitioner and I feel and carry stress.  

For all you who think you need to keep it all together. This yoga practitioner is calling… bull$&#%. 

It’s OK to be a yogi and to feel what’s happening in the world. We  need to. If we truly want to be a part of change, we must feel this ..  and it’s not nice!

When life throws a curve ball ( like a global pandemic, climate  change, and massive amounts of souls suffering due to a history  of horrific abuse) we are going to feel stress whether a yoga  practitioner or not.  

What do we do: With the stress? With the state of the world?  Where do we even begin? It’s so overwhelming. 

Yogi’s always start from the inside out. It’s how everything grows.  

So, can we close down those senses for a moment in a  compassionate way? All of those senses are bringing messages to  the mind. The mind wants to protect, and fear is a form of  protection. Give the mind a break.  

What will it take to get “out of the mind”?  How do we go beyond (not escape) the limitations of our mind and move into a heart (spirit) space?  

The Freedom state of consciousness. 

If I lost you…aka meditation. This state of consciousness is a  connection with our spirit ( love and light) instead of our minds  (fear and division). 

We live in society that is completely mind structured and praised.  Kindness and love doesn’t often pay well….. how strange is that?  

I feel this. Perhaps you feel this:  

It’s a revolutionary act to keep coming from a spirit heart space.  

It’s stressful times. We will all feel these low vibrations of fear all  around us. It may even manifest in our bodies. Good. Feel it. Then  make the effort to change.  

I vow to sit down and meditate. To remember who I truly  am. I am not a job, not a name, not a title. Neti. Neti. Neti.  

 I AM LOVE. Freedom.  

Remembering that changes everything from my heart, to my jaw,  to my body, to my mind, to my perspective, and ripples on  outward.

Natasha (Lalita) Scott, SOYA, E-RYT500, R-CYT, R-PYT, is the SOYA Yoga Lead Teacher Trainer for 200 hour Foundation training in Mexico, Penticton and Sorrento, BC and Long Reach, NB and the 300 hour Professional Upgrade in Penticton and in Sorrento. She owns Starlit Yoga studio in Penticton.